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Send your attachment as a Microsoft Doc or Docx, or as a PDF. We prefer standard-sized, serif font (Times, Garamond etc). Double-spaced prose, single-spaced poetry. 


Be A Good Human Note:

Double-spaced prose submissions improve the accessibility and readability for our hard-working editors. Please be nice and double check that your piece is double spaced!


Exciting news:

We are now a paying market! Since May 2018, our web payment rate is $50 per author (payable via PayPal). Payment for print is $5 per page, minimum of $20, plus 2 contributor copies and a 1 year subscription. We will continue to pay for as long as we have the funds.




The nitty-gritty:  

  • We are open for FREE submissions during the months of December, February, April, June, August, and October. 

  • We are open for TIP JAR submissions only during the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November.

  • For a faster response, choose our EXPEDITED option, which costs $5. Response within two weeks. Please note that expedited submissions do not guarantee acceptance. 

  • Occasionally during FREE submissions months, we may shut early due to an overwhelming response. If the fees are a burden, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do. 

  • Please include a cover letter, a brief bio, and contact info in the body of the message box as well. We apologize, but we cannot accept emailed submissions at this time.

  • ​If you write a variety of fiction, nonfiction and poetry, that's awesome; however, we only accept one piece per writer at a time. So please do not submit a variety of genres. Pick one, make sure it rocks, and send it off!

  • Should you receive a rejection, please wait one month before submitting again. 

  • Please send work that has yet to be published (this includes publication on your own website or blog). 

  • ​Please allow us up to twelve weeks to reply to your submission. 


What we're looking for:

Short Fiction

Send us your best unpublished literary, mainstream or experimental writing between 1,000 and 2,500 words. Profanity, sex and such are permitted but we will not publish anything tickling the boundaries of pornography. As much as we like sci-fi, romance, mystery and adventure, please, no genre fiction. 


Fiction Editor Katie Flynn says she wants "momentum and specificity, sentences with heat that hit multiple registers..."   

Flash Fiction
Please send your short, shorter, shortest works under 1,000 words.  
Flash Editor Maureen Langloss says, "Voice, character, and rhythm. Language with layers and textures. At least one sentence YOU love."

Give us the dirty lowdown.  An unpublished dirty lowdown, please. We love memoir that shines a new light on the human condition. There are no limitations in regards to subject matter.  Maximum 2,000 words.


Memoir Editor Matt Young says: "I love lyrical, experimental, voice-driven, imagistic pieces. I love the truth. I love you. Send me your truth."




Send us one (yes, just one) poem. Please do not send us more than one poem. Send your best poem, but only one. We mean it. 


Poetry Editor Marianne Chan says: "I’m looking to read poems I wish I had written, poems that make me want to clutch my collar and scream. I pay special attention to poems that force readers to question the meaning of poetry; work that is unafraid of the apocalypse, landfills, Britney Spears, the oceanic sublime, bodily fluids, and dating apps; and writing that reaches us through the ear, mouth, nose as well as the eye."​



Photography and Art 

We want everyday & unusual art. Art steeped in memory & awareness. Art that's subtle. Art that's loud & kinda punk. That stays out past its curfew & lives a double life. We want art that eats donuts & watches cartoons on Saturday mornings. Art that lives next door. Art whose parents are immigrants. Art that wants forgiveness. Art that's unapologetic. Art that's serious. That's cheeky. That reads the tabloids and paints it nails. Sings Johnny Cash in the shower. Is lowbrow. Pop-surreal. Hyperreal. Abstract. Art that's been hunting with its pappy and is skinning its first squirrel. Art that punched the mean kid back. Art that reminds us of our humanity. Send us one high-resolution image or a link to your portfolio. We pay $50.



Interviews and Reviews


Interviews/Reviews Editor Clancy McGilligan is looking for smart, compelling book reviews and author interviews (or interviews of people in the publishing industry). We are especially interested in giving attention to books from independent presses and authors (or publishing professionals) from historically marginalized groups. Please send a completed review/interview or query to


In your email, include a description of the review/interview (or the review/interview itself, if already written), as well as a short bio and, if possible, one or two examples of critical work. Please email with questions. Note: We will not consider reviews of books written by a friend or family member of the reviewer. 


Reviews should be roughly 800 words and are published online within a month or so of the book publication date. If you query us first, we can get you a copy of the book. Interviews should be roughly 1,000 to 1,500 words.


We are currently unable to pay for reviews or interviews, but we hope to change this in the near future. 




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