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Just One Thing with Ashley Burnett

Our June issue's short story, "You're 19," comes from the wonderful Ashley Burnett. And if you haven't read it, our July hiatus is a great time to catch up with this and all the great work in our June issue!

Ashley recently shared with us a great photo of the alpaca whose acquaintance she recently made and just one thing about art imitating life -- or not -- and the conversation that brought to write "You're 19."

"My story, 'You're 19,' was inspired by a guy who once tried to ask me out by asking me a hypothetical: if he had a time travel machine and could take me anywhere, would I be willing to ditch everyone else in my life to see everything I've ever wanted? Which is an almost nonsensical proposition that has nothing to do with going out on a date. I said no, but the protagonist in the story's answer was quite different, obviously."


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