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"Break with that feminine perfection": an interview with print artist Rita Booh

If you've caught a glimpse of Split Lip PRINT 2, then you've seen the magic that is Rita Booh's artwork. Rita is an artist living in Valencia, Spain, and we love her eye-catching colors and humorous and sharp feminist lens. She recently took some time to talk to us about the art featured in our print issue and her upcoming project:

1. How did you come to partner with Split Lip?

Through Instagram. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on such an interesting project.

2. How and why did you start drawing monsteras?

Normally, I start from a concept or idea but I develop it through an unconscious process, I like to play with the concept of anti-heroines, break with that feminine perfection that is so much seen in art. Also, drawing for me is a therapy, through my drawings I empower myself as a woman, over the years I have realized that drawing helps me build myself as an active subject of my life.

3. What does the "monstrous side of femininity" mean to you? What discoveries have you made in exploring this?

The patriarchy's idea of ​​femininity usually excludes all forms of monstrous behavior in women and I'm more interested to show the

monstrousness of the female than her attractiveness. As well, I like to play with the idea of ​​monsteras as a figure of transformation, creating worlds where women do not have the stigma of the old feminine, instead they act as active subjects.

A door to imagine new realities and alternatives that break our borders.

4. Can you talk about how "Fuck body shaming," "Menstrual Spider," "Fishes took revenge," and "Brush your hair" work together in Split Lip Print 2? How do they

function collectively?

I guess they transport you to a colorful feminist world with a touch of humor, I suppose, it is difficult for me to try to understand what people perceive with my drawings. I think that each person will give a different meaning. My intention is to reconcile woman with her body, demystify it and naturalize it.

5. On Instagram, you mention you are going to start a new series about witchcraft, occultism, and alchemy. Can you talk about the new project and what inspired you? What are you excited about exploring in this series?

My artistic project is going to focus on illustrations that will give shape to a series of fanzines, a sort of compilation of occult themes that I have not had time to properly explore. I have always been interested in magic, mythology and occultism, but my knowledge is limited. I feel it is time to delve into this subject and extract meanings for my personal life.


Find out more about Rita Booh's art on Instagram: @ritaboooh

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