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Just One Thing with Chelsea Cohen

This month's featured short story comes from Chelsea Cohen, or as we call her around these parts, Longform Pick of the Week Chelsea Cohen. That's right, her story from our January issue,

"The Billings Brothers at the End of the World" was recognized as Longform Fiction's Pick of the Week last week. She shared just one thing about the influences behind the story (and a really great cat):

"Buffy was such a huge influence on me growing up, and one episode that has always stuck with me is 'The Zeppo,' which features Xander, the typically least important member of the group, in the A plot, while the rest of the gang tries to stop an apocalypse in the B plot. And I loved that idea of the 'casual apocalypse': in any other episode, the possible end of the world would be this hugely important plot line, but here, it's not the focus at all. So this is my own 'casual apocalypse' story: a story that includes the world literally coming to an end, but it's not actually about that at all. It's secondary to the real story of the brothers and what happened to them all those years ago."

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