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Just One Thing with Kat Moore

We are so thrilled for the chance to publish Kat Moore, the author of this month's featured memoir. If you haven't yet read "When god is a man inside my mouth," just stop here. We'll wait.

Okay. Good. Kat kicks off the first Just One Thing of the year, sharing with us a behind-the-scenes look at revising the piece and also two of the cutest cats that ever been photographed:

"The first draft was written for a workshop in 2014. I didn’t revise it for a long time. In the summer of 2015, I did a reading in Chelsea at the Torn Page, and I read “when god is a man inside my mouth” aloud in front of a crowd of mostly strangers. A man in the audience was an old school New Yorker and musician. My essay reminded him of a lost New York and the punk Bowery. He was really a nice person, and it turned out we had mutual friends who completely vouched for his character. He showed me around the lower east side, and even took me to an art show starring the works of punk icon Lydia Lunch. Lydia took selfies with me, and we pouted our red lips. She had a projector displaying images of herself bare-assed and being paddled, along with a recreation of her bedroom in the early 80s. It was all trashy with syringes and cigarettes butts glued to the bedside table. Lydia is definitely all about saying fuck off to shame. After this, I revised the essay a lot, and got even more real with it all."


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