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Just One Thing with Michelle Ross

We've mentioned how excited we are to feature a collaborative short story from Kim Magowan and Michelle Ross in our September issue. (So excited!) Not only is "Amuse-bouches" a wonderful read, but it's a fantastic example of collaboration. Michelle tells us just one thing about how this writing duo works:

"Kim and I wrote this episodic story in alternating paragraphs, trading the story back and forth. Once Kim wrote the final episode, which immediately felt like the ending, I did what I often do with stories, rearranged pieces of the puzzle until they clicked into place better. Then I sent the story back to Kim, and she moved another piece. Then we wrote a few more pieces to fill in the gaps. Whenever other writers ask me about writing collaboratively, they’ll say, isn’t it challenging to give up control? What if you disagree? My answer to the first question is that it’s a relief to give up some control. As for the second question, you have to partner up with someone whose writing you greatly admire and whose instincts you trust. Would Kim and I make different writing choices on our own? Of course! But never do I read something Kim writes and doubt her skill or her wisdom."


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