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Just One Thing with Natanya Ann Pulley

Natanya Ann Pulley is the author of this month's featured short story, "Cannibal," and she isn't just an amazing writer -- she also created this awesome collage. We're so thrilled to bring you her work. Here, she lets us peek behind the curtain and learn a little bit more about how "Cannibal" came to be:

"It's hard to write about resignation and inevitability when writing of violence and particularly violence towards women or marginalized people. It's hard to write around the tropes (even the positive or self-critical ones). And it was harder still to explore this character's acceptance without pity and what-could-have-been's--without wanting to make it okay for her or to pull blame and justice and judgement into the heart of the story. This was an experiment in writing about one's submission to a narrative too powerful to fight, but it is also, for me--an endeavour of reading her/ myself/ our humanness with or in or through unconditional love. "

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