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19 Rounds with...Denise Weber

How much do we love Denise Weber? So much. As our art director, she's the force behind our amazing logo (just for starters), and as assistant poetry editor, she takes great care with your submissions. Also she has great taste in tee shirts. So it's time to bring back 19 Rounds and get to know Denise!

1. Early bird or night owl?

Night owl -ish ... staying up late got exponentially harder after I hit 25.

2. What was your worst haircut?

My mom tried to give me bangs in 7th or 8th grade. She and my sister look cute with them. Mine stood STRAIGHT UP and would not be subject to pins or curling or hairspray.

3. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

"Don't Dream It's Over," specifically the version performed by Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande in animal onesies.

4. Can you roll your tongue?

Like an enchilada.

5. Mayonnaise: yes or no?

Yup, and I’mma spread it with my finger. Also, I don't understand why mayo is so polarizing???

6. What is your least favorite word to come across when reading a book or story?


7. Which movie was better than the book?

I haven’t actually read the play it was based on, but Incendies is devastating.

8. What was your first concert?

Hanson. I was in college. I think it was 2006? Yes they sang “Mmmbop,” and yes, it was glorious.

9. It's Friday night. You're home alone. What did you order for dinner and what's on the TV?

I live too far from civilization to actually order anything for dinner, and I also don't have TV or streaming services ... but in a theoretical world where this was possible, I'd order Vietnamese or Indian and binge watch Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Dessert would be non-theoretical vanilla ice cream with plump blueberries and tart, homemade apricot jam.

10. How do you take your coffee?

With a dose of heart attack: Turkish-ground dark roast with 2 Tbsp. dark brown sugar and a good glug of heavy cream.

11. What expression do you use that most people have never heard?

I have some Belizean Kriol holdovers from my Peace Corps days — like “mek we” instead of “let’s,” and “nuh” instead of “don’t,” — but I only use those with my husband.

12. What movie have you seen the most times?

Probably either Robin Hood: Men in Tights as a kid (did anyone else have a crush on Will Scarlett O'Hara??), or the Lord of the Rings trilogy as an adult from marathons with my nerdy family every Christmas.

13. What is the best thing you cook or bake?

I’m pretty good in the kitchen but one of my faves to make, process-wise, is chicken tikka masala, Bon Appétit’s recipe. It calls for hand-squishing the tomatoes. *drool*

14. Finish this sentence: More people should be reading _______________.

The lit mags they submit to! (Preaching to the choir here, I know ... sigh.)

15. Favorite time-waster?

Hangrily looking in the fridge, unable to decide what to eat until I’m well past the point of starving and end up just stuffing my face with whatever. I guess that’s not actually my favorite, just my most habitual. #stayhangry #stayfoolish

16. What's the hardest thing about writing?

Overthinking about it.

17. What's the best thing about writing?

Actually writing. And coming back to a draft after you’ve given it some breathing room.

18. What is your favorite sentence from a short story or poem?

"Maybe that's what we need nonsense for... a sort of broken language for joy." – Leslie Jamison, "Quiet Men"

19. What question were you hoping to be asked?

What's your spirit animal?


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