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(Belated) FAM Roundup: July 2018

We're a little behind this month, but don't worry -- we didn't forget all the amazing thing the FAM did in July! If you missed a poem, story, or essay, or a piece of good news, here's your chance to check it out. And don't forget to revisit our writers' work in the archives!


  • Megan Giddings’ novel Lakewood will be published by Amistad in 2020.

Publications, Interview, and Reviews​​

Awards, Honors, and News​​

  • Todd Dillard and Cathy Ulrich have been nominated for Best of the Net by Noble Gas Quarterly

  • Platypus Press nominated Chris Ames for Best of the Net

  • Pidgeonholes has nominated Meghan Phillips and Devin Kelly for 2018 Best of the Net

  • Longleaf Review has nominated contributors Yael van der Wouden and Alina Stefanescu for 2018 Best of the Net

  • Poetry reader Bob Sykora has joined the Nostrovia! Press team

We can't wait to see what you do this month!

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