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Just One Thing with Brooke Larson

Brooke Larson is the author of this month's featured flash fiction, and she's just as wonderfully talented with fashion as she is with words -- the dress you see is one she's working on. Here, she tells us one thing you otherwise know about her Split Lip story "Space Goggles":

"Recently I had the chance to perform this. It’s part of a collection, “Origami Drama,” in which each piece interacts with the paper it’s written on. I have fun reading them. So there I am, having a good time, with this kinda creepy paper mask tied around my head with dental floss, when I start weeping. Like, weeping hard, so I can’t speak. Never saw that coming. Yes, I had a great love that ended. But what I wrote was not that. What I wrote was, it seemed to me, pretty upbeat and whimsical. So why was I crying? That great love that was so dear to me and ended, ended flat and ugly. We were awful at the end. This piece imagines a different way of ending—a kind one, touched with the magic of a long perspective. With the paper mask on, I could cry, I realized, for the possibility of generosity."


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