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Just One Thing with...Martha Silano

Martha Silano is the author of this month's featured poem, "You can't trust." If you haven't read it yet, just open up another browswer tab real quick. We'll wait.

She brings us this quote from Marcel Duchamp, saying, "I have been obsessed lately with slowing down my life, my way in the world. This has been part of self-improvement project I began a couple of months ago, beginning with committing to a 6 am yoga class at least 2x a week, taking FB, Twitter, and Instagram apps off of my phone (and trying not to go there as much when I am on my laptop), and in general taking time to be still--in my interactions and in my writing." And Just One Thing about "You can't trust":

"While drafting this poem, I was reading Bob Hicok’s fabulous collection, Insomnia Diary."


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