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Just One Thing with Felicity Fenton

Our June issue has entered the world, and we're kicking of a new round of Just One Thing with this month's featured memoir writer Felicity Fenton, who shares with us something you might now know about "To and From":

"To and From" was taken from a larger collection I just finished that considers the body, adolescence, and faulty connections I’ve experienced (to myself and others). The memoirs required me to dig back into some of the most uncomfortable territory I’ve known. Questionable lovers, bad behavior, wobbly family times, broken hearts too. In "To and From" I examined a couple of relationships through the lens of a dress I used to wear once a week in the spring and summer. It was the most comfortable thing made up of a light cotton fabric, and kept me cool on sultry days. I rarely wear the dress anymore because I can’t seem to remove the bubble gum stain from its butt.


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