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Now Playing, Part 13

We're just a day away from releasing our June issue, and we can't wait to share it with you. Thankfully, there's Now Playing to hold us over. Here's a preview of our wonderful contributors, what they've been playing lately, and what it means to them:

Felicity Fenton

I’ve been playing Lithics new album “Mating Surfaces" on repeat: They're one of my favorite bands from Portland who sound a little like some older favorites like The Fall and Red Krayola, but with a little more pop and zing.

The last thing I watched was a terrific documentary called “Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten” about Cambodian Rock and Roll from the 60’s and 70’s before the country’s thriving music scene was obliterated by the Khmer Rouge genocide. A hard film to watch, but necessary.

Martha Silano

If I had to name one song for the past six months, it would be "Dreams" by Beck. I am also completely obsessed by two podcasts, A Way with Words and The World in Words. I listen to both faithfully, mainly while preparing elaborate, made-from-scratch meals for my vegan daughter.

Megan Giddings

The last thing I read/watched is the feed for Chiitan: Chiitan is an otter that is famous in Japan and has their own show. Chiitan also has someone who dresses up as them as a mascot and often attempts to do ordinary tasks while wearing a big mascot suit. I think these videos are very funny, cute, and also soothing. There are a lot of times where I feel like I am trying to do basic tasks in a cumbersome mascot suit and am failing. Chiitan in the mascot suit is successful because of these mistakes. And I like that a lot. And I'm now in the weird space while writing this where I'm wondering if my current biggest role model is an anonymous person wearing a cute version of an otter suit? And I also didn't realize until I typed that out, that in an unexpected way I'm previewing my Split Lip story a little! Anyway, here's a link to my current favorite Chiitan mascot suit video:

Buffy Shutt

I’ve been listening to five CDs: David Grey, White Ladder; Damien Rice, My Favorite Faded Fantasy; Verdi, Madame Butterfly; Joshua Bell, Voice of the Violin; and Van Morrison, Keep Me Singing.

Somehow these tracks work together to remind me anything is possible. They let me forget genres—and my 9th grade English teacher Mrs. Pierce’s precious rules—and drown out that self-sabotaging voice of silver,

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