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Fightin' Words with...Anastasia Stelse

Anastasia Stelse is the featured poet of our April issue. If you've read "Shorthand for Flirtationships: 21st Century Edition" and "Shorthand for Disentanglements: 21st Century Edition," then it's no surprise that she is masterful at giving us the single best word for:

1) The way your voice sounds so much better in the shower or car than at karaoke: Deceptive 2) Seeing a movie you used to love: Comforting 3) Your driver's license photo: Mythological 4) Your sense of style: Rotating 5) Finishing a book: Noooooo 6) A smell that takes you back: Episodic 7) Being embarrassed by something you're watching television: Awkward

8) The first warm day of spring: Nostalgia

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