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From the Writing Desk of...Dorothy Chan


1. My laptop, where all the magic happens.

2. A framed photo of (a part of) my poetry family: Alberto Ríos, Jeannine Savard, and of course, my poetry dad, Norman Dubie. Norman's collection, The Mercy Seat: Collected and New Poems is my everything.

3. Barbara Hamby's new book, Bird Odyssey. It's such a gorgeous collection, and I'm obsessed with her poem, "Ode to Sirin, the Bird Goddess of The Siberian Milky Way." You know a poem's a winner when it starts with "What woman doesn't want to be a goddess with wings / to fly over the world of men with their erections." Yes. I look up to Barbara so much, and I feel extremely lucky to have her mentorship.

4. The inaugural print issue of Split Lip Magazine!

5. Some pictures that keep me happy, like these purikura photos from Hong Kong. And yes, those are Marc Jacobs Post-Its with emoji stickers of them. #labelwhore

6. My chapbook, Chinatown Sonnets, published by New Delta Review. Much much love to Douglas Kearney for selecting my chapbook. And much much love to Phil Spotswood and Justin Greene, editors of NDR.

7. A bunch of toys and figurines and knickknacks, some from friends. I really love Sanrio.

8. My Louis Vuitton planner, because #labelwhore.

9. So at #AWP18 Tampa, Sebastian Paramo, who edits The Boiler (lovely, lovely journal) took a Polaroid photo of Caylin Capra-Thomas and me. I got the negative of that, and Caylin labeled it "My Soul." Caylin's the best, and everyone should check out her chapbook with YesYes Books, Inside My Electric City.

10. Playboy notepad and Kumamon sticky notes.

11. Kate Spade cards, because I'm classy.

12. Nance Van Winckel's Book of No Ledge. I'm obsessed.

13. My Southeast Review business cards. I've had such a good time running The Southeast Review with Alex Quinlan, who is one of my best friends and my poetry brother.

14. My Monchhichis and Pusheen.

Not Pictured

1. The books on the little shelves behind me.

2. The cup of tea or coffee I'm having.

3. The bowl of chips I'm eating. Or the bag of candy.

4. My notebook. I used to take more writing notes in my notebooks, but when it comes to my poetry, I'm strictly laptop now.


Dorothy Chan's poem "Triple Sonnet for My Father’s Pet Goose, Pigeon Wars, and Daddy Issues" appears in Split Lip's inaugural print issue and was recently featured on Her chapbook Chinatown Sonnets is available for purchase now, and her book Attack of the Fifty-Foot Centerfold will be published by Spork Press on April 23 and is available for pre-order now! Visit for more.


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