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First Encounters of the Print Kind, Part 2

Last week, some of our print contributors answered the question: What is the first print literary journal you remember reading? (And if you don't remember, what's a story/poem/essay from a print journal you'd recommend to someone else?) Here are a few more answers (and a few more journals to check out!):

Jessica Goodfellow

The first print literary journal I remember reading is the Beloit Poetry Journal. The first journal I had subscription to was the American Poetry Review.

Tyler Barton

Barrelhouse, Issue 12. And the story in this issue of Barrelhouse that has stuck with me for 5 years now is called "Bureaucracy of a Breakup" by Jared Gottlieb. The allegorical form is amazingly clever (all documents, graphs, memos, and statistics from a fiction company).

Hussain Ahmed

The first print journal I read was the Aké journal. It had the face of one of the fathers of African Poetry - Prof. Osundare on the cover page.

Dorothy Chan

Notre Dame Review, in particular it was Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon's "Poem for Amadou Diallo" (Summer/Fall 2008).

Pete Stevens

The first print issue I remember reading was an old copy of my undergraduate journal, Cardinal Sins. I attended a small school in Michigan - Saginaw Valley State University - and before I got to campus my reading was limited to novels and short story collections. I didn't know what a literary journal was. When I discovered Cardinal Sins, it was a revelation. I thought, Ah! So this is it! From then on I have been hooked on all things lit journal.

Samantha Samson

My 9th grade English teacher had some issues of Fence on his bookshelf, which I became mildly obsessed with. I feel blessed to have been exposed that early to experimental writing. It helped me break the "a poem looks and sounds like this" habit really early.

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