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Valentine's Day may have passed, but we at Split Lip aren't done showing the love. And boy, do we have a lot of it.

We're an online literary magazine. We love online. We love sharing your words with people who might not otherwise get to see them. We love interacting with readers and contributors, past present and future, and seeing the amazing things you continue to accomplish. We built that online.

There isn't a but or an or here. We love online journals. And we love print: the smell of paper, the permanence of the words on the page, the mingling of established and emerging writers from one piece to the other. We love print so much so that we're launching our first print issue next month.

So we want to celebrate the community we've built online -- nearly 4000 of you! -- with print. Take a pic of a piece you love from a print journal, tag @splitlipthemag, and tell us about it using #LitMagLove and #SplitLip4000. When we reach that magic 4000 number, one lucky entrant will win a print subscription to any journal they choose.

Online and print -- they're both perfect. Help us spread the #LitMagLove.

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