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Fightin' Words with...Julie C. Day

Julie C. Day is this month's featured fiction writer, and her story "Re-Stitched" was Longform Fiction's pick of the week last week (woohoo!). Here she gives us fantastic cats, a bonus Now Playing, and the single best word for:

1) What you're hungry for: silence 2) Netflix and: Pluto 3) Your driver's license photo: deceptive 4) Your sense of style: burgundy 5) Finishing a book: reiterative 6) Something that smells different than it tastes: soap 7) Your dream vacation: intimate

8) Two full moons in a month: unearthly

Now Playing Book: Now Playing? Just Played? It's hard to decide. I'm in that transition moment between one book and the next. Last night I finished The Underground Railroad, which was a fast and fabulous read. Later just, and I mean just, before I fell asleep, I began The Orange Eats Creeps by Grace Krilanovich. From those few pages, I have an impression of meth-heads and lust and a trippy paragraph-chapter style that already has me tumbling down the rabbit hole. Two Dollar Radio is publishing some damn fine fiction. This is my second Two Dollar purchase in the last year. To my mind, small presses are where the surprising stories and storytellers are often found. Their editors are the true adventurers.


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