• Amy Rossi

Split Lip: The Merchandise!

There's always something exciting brewing at Split Lip, but this just may take the cake. The mantra coined by editor-in-chief Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice and Split Lip Press editor Amanda Miska as a panel for Barrelhouse's Conversations and Connections conference -- Head Down, Keep Writing, Don't Be An Asshole --is now a tee shirt! And it features the brand new Split Lip logo, designed by Denise Weber.

The shirt comes in traditional and fitted styles and is available now for a limited pre-sale. For $25, including shipping, you can turn heads and keeping reminding yourself that it's all about the writing. Shirts will ship in January/February 2018.

But wait. There's more.

Our inaugural print issue is also available for pre-order! Featuring some of your current favorite and soon-to-be favorite writers, the print issue will ship in March 2018. It promises to be a hot item, so order your copy now. Each issue is $12, including shipping.

The tee shirt and print issue are available in in our shop -- that's right, we have a shop now!

All sales will go towards our goal of paying our writers. So visit today!

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