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Now Playing, Part 7

Our November issue will make its debut to the world tomorrow (11/15). Now Playing offers a sneak peek at the issue's contributors, what they're playing, and how it makes them feel:

Caleb Michael Sarvis

I’ve been watching NBC’s The Good Place. My wife and I binged the first season on Netflix and now watch it every weekend when a new episode is up on Hulu. We’re big fans of Michael Schur (The Office, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), and this has not let us down. It not only features a character from Jacksonville, Florida (where I live), but it continues to keep me on my toes with its exploration into ethics and metaphysics, all while making me laugh. Sometimes an episode feels like the result of a writer saying, “What if this were to happen?” which is completely familiar territory for me. Hopefully that comes across in my writing.

Ruth LeFaive

Last thing I listened to: “Little Dawn” by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, which was the final encore

of their show at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles the other night. They were stellar. The song ends with a meditative, speed refrain of the words “It’s Alright” chanted for more than a minute or so. It was a balm.

After the Ted Leo show, courtesy Ruth LeFaive

Last watched: The Missing Season 2, Episode 3. My husband does an amazing job as our media curator. Without him, I’d be oblivious to so many excellent shows. The Missing is a smart, tragic mystery series that aired last year on BBC. I love the non-linear structure.

Last played: Chess. For about six years, I’ve made a move or two of correspondence chess nearly every day. My regular opponents—one in Ireland, one in Maryland—usually win, but I put up a good fight.

Christopher James

I was in the elevator alone, returning from work, Feist’s "Mushaboom" came on and I danced like a star to it. It's a very bouncy tune. Usually I can’t dance, but alone in elevators I kill. I move my arms and legs a lot. Sometimes I try to hide from the camera they’ve got in the corner, but today I was in a good mood so I didn’t care. All of the music on my phone right now is stuff I can elevator dance to. Occasionally I’m enjoying the tune so much I forget to get out at my stop. Luckily, that was not the case today.


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