• Amy Rossi

Split Lip Summer Mixtape Flash Contest Finalists

In the legendary words of Tom Petty, the waiting is the hardest part. And you all have been terrifically patient as we've read your submissions for the Split Lip Summer Mixtape Flash Contest. We loved reading your work and seeing all the different ways that judge Juan Martinez's playlist inspired you.

Narrowing down to a top 10 was no easy feat, and we are hugely grateful to everyone who entered. Thank you for sharing your words with us!

The finalists, in no particular order except alphabetical, are:

Tyler Barton

Jessica Bonder

Angela Carlson

Chloe Clark

Melissa Goode

Ashley Hutson

Dan Sanders

Nicholas Siegel

Yael van der Wouden

Richard Weems

These writers' work has been sent Juan Martinez. Be sure to check this space for the final results, and again, thank you to all who entered!

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