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Now Playing, Part 6

Can't wait for our October issue? Neither can we! To tide you over, October's contributors offer some beautiful words about what they've been playing, listening to, and witnessing in the world:

Laton Carter

This weekend I listened to the birds that come to the feeders in our backyard — a mixture of finches, chickadees, juncos, and nuthatches. There was a frantic energy about them as they filled their bellies in preparation for colder weather. The testy finches beat their wings in explosive bursts to claim their place, the chickadees hopped around saying their own name, the juncos were silent, and the nuthatches let out individual peeps that sounded like the defeated emissions from a dog’s rubber chew toy.

K.C. Mead-Brewer

Last thing I listened to: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds's Best Of album. Everything about this. My heart.

Last watched: I've always loved horror movies, but it's only recently that I watched the original 1979 The Amityville Horror for the first time. James Brolin: certified gorgeous. Rescue me, James. Rescue my dog!

Last played: The infamous "don't bite me" game with my puppy Peggy Sue and her favorite of my ruined socks. She may or may not think this game is called "tug of war." (photo of the deceptively harmless-looking Peggy Sue included here)

Kristie Johnson

I know this is hyperbole; but this is true. I've been listening to HEAVN by Jamila Woods and it is life changing. Okay, it's not quit-your-job-pack-up-your-shit-and-follow-this-chick-into-the wilderness life changing; but it is put-this-album-on-repeat-pour-a-glass-of-wine-and-buy-your-best-friend-a-copy life changing. From the very first track, I felt an intense sense of home--like I grew up with her (which I didn't). If you've ever wanted to crack open the heart of a black girl from Anyhood, USA and see what beauty is beating inside, you must give HEAVN a spin. Dope stuff.

Sally Burnette

The last thing I watched was an Instagram video ad for Panera. In it, bodiless hands hatch a colorful but probably mediocre sandwich over and over from its parchment paper shell. The caption: "just a few reasons to give into your cravings." A truck pulled up beside the car I was in and started playing Michael Jackson's "Thriller." I looked over, and the driver was the sandwich from the ad! I looked back at my phone, and it was now the same sandwich! When I took a bite, it bled. Spooky.


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