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Summer Mixtape Flash Contest FAQ!

We're so excited about the Summer Mixtape Flash Contest -- our first-ever flash fiction contest. And judging from the number of entries we've already received, you are too!

Contests can be a different beast from regular submissions, though, so we opened up a Twitter FAQ, giving our readers and submitters a chance to ask their burning questions:

What inspired this contest?

Our love of music! We have a music editor, Christopher Wolford, who regularly makes playlists and conducts music-related interviews. Judge Juan Martinez has curated an excellent playlist for our contest.

Does my flash have to be inspired by all the songs?

Nope! You might be inspired by the mood of the playlist, or one song in particular, or a handful -- wherever the playlist takes you.

Are simultaneous submissions allowed?

Yes. Just let us know immediately if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

Are former contributors eligible to enter?

You bet! All entries are read blind.

Can you tell me more about the reading/selection process?

We are committed to running an ethical contest and to that end, we are following the CLMP contest code of ethics. Our contest page has a full description of the reading process under the CLMP code.

Is only the winner considered for publication?

ALL contest submissions will be considered for publication.

Where does my entry fee go?

First, Submittable gets a cut. We keep $5.66 of every $7 contest submission. From there, fees will fund the prize and an honorarium for our judge.

If you still have a question, find us on Twitter or leave a comment, and happy writing! We can't wait to read your contest entry.

Our next #SLFAQ will be with editor-in-chief Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice in October, date and time to be announced on Twitter.

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