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August is Poetry Feedback Month!

Throughout the month of August, poetry editor Marianne Chan will be offering feedback on poetry. If you've been looking for someone to critique a poem -- or a packet of poems -- this a great, cost-effective way to get substantive feedback.

Full details are available on our Submittable page. Single poems must not exceed 50 lines and will receive at least 300 words of feedback. A group of poems must not exceed 10 pages and will receive at least 500 words of feedback (this option is limited to the first 4 submitters).

About her feedback style, Marianne says:

"As I read published poetry and poetry submissions for Split Lip, I continue to determine for myself what makes a 'good poem.' I ask myself the question all the time, and I'm happy to admit that the answer continues to shift and expand. I look forward to reading your poems and offering feedback and asking questions. I promise to read your work with a beginner's openness, one that is ready to experience the poem as it is, and I will try my best to help you strengthen the qualities that make it a 'good poem'-- whatever that may be."

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