The FAM Newsletter - July 2017

As ever, the FAM has been getting things DONE this summer! Check out their amazing work and accomplishments, and don't forget to click on their names to revisit their contributions to Split Lip!


Leesa Cross-Smith’s new novel, Whiskey & Ribbons, is available for pre-order now, from Hub City! You can also read an interview with Leesa Cross-Smith in Fear No Lit.

Boom Box, Amorak Huey’s second full-length collection, will be released by Sundress Publications in their 2019 catalog.

Devin Kelly & George Sawaya’s new chapbook A Good Leave is now available for pre-order from Bottlecap Press.

Gayle Brandeis' poetry collection The Selfless Bliss of the Body is available now!

And if you haven't already ordered Shasta Grant's chapbook Gather Us Up and Bring Us Home from Split Lip Press, what are you waiting for?!

Publications, Interviews, and Reviews

July contributor Christina Dalcher has 3 flashes -- “Bartholdi’s Electric Light,” “If You Add an S to Mother,” and “Giants and Dwarves” -- up at WhiskeyPaper.

Managing editor Amy Rossi published an essay, “Appetite for Deconstruction”, at Queen Mob’s Teahouse and a piece, “Closer to the Melt in Your Grip,” at CHEAP POP.

Michele Finn Johnson has a story entitled “Gravitational Waves” up at Jellyfish Review.

Flash fiction editor Maureen Langloss' flash fiction, “Field Effect,” is up at Monkeybicycle.

Stephen Langlois' story “The Impossible Self” was published by Joyland Magazine.

Michael Schmeltzer's poem “My Body Mourns, Limb by Limb, as I Recount Your Final Days” was published by Crab Creek Review.

Kristine Langley Mahler's flash CNF “The Familiar Shift” is up at The Flexible Persona.

Melissa Goode publishedAll Of Us Are In Pieces” at SmokeLong Quarterly and "Before Switzerland" at PINBALL.

Cathy Ulrich's published “This is Not Your Beautiful House,” at Cosmonauts Avenue and “Girls’ Night In” at Ellipsis Zine.

Marléne Zadig's story “For Science” is up at Necessary Fiction.

Flash fiction reader Tommy Dean's published “Cotton Candy” at New World Writing and “Echolalia” at Spartan Lit.

Alexis Pope has two poems, “A Position” and “though the child we were was holding,” in Cosmonauts Avenue.

Anne Champion has two poems, “Saint Quiteria” and “Saint Christina the Astonishing," in The Boiler.

​Kara Vernor was interviewed by Tethered By Letters.

Amy Silverberg's story “Among Men” is in the latest issue of TriQuarterly.

Flash fiction reader Lori Sambol Brody's piece “I Want to Believe the Truth is Out There” was published by Jellyfish Review.

Brandon Taylor published a short story, “Grace,” at The Rumpus and an essay, “Who Cares What Straight People Think?”, at Literary Hub.

Meghan Phillips was interviewed by the Writers & Words reading series.

Olivia Wolfgang-Smith's story “Cook New England” is up at Little Fiction.

Split Lip Press author Melissa Wiley's essay “Fruitless Forest” was published by Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

Gwen Goodkin's essay “Pure Imagination (Feat. We’ve Only Just Begun) [Remix]” is up at Fixional.

Erika Wurth reviews “Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection, Volume 2” for Anomaly (formerly Drunken Boat).

Devin Kelly's piece, “Meditations on NYC in the Second Person,” was published by Funhouse Magazine.

Awards, Honors, and News

Kara Vernor's piece “Call Me" was named the winner of (b)OINK zine’s 1st 35mm fiction contest.

Matt Weinkam is the fiction editor for the new lit mag Gordon Square Review--submissions open now!

Kristine Langley Mahler has received University of Nebraska’s Presidential Graduate Fellowship.

Be on the lookout for Julian K. Jarboe in upcoming issues of Reflex Fiction and Strange Horizons.

Danielle Evennou is leading a summer poetry workshop at Upshur Street Books.


Do you have news to send us? Check out the "Notes from the FAM" section of our Submittable page and let us know what you're up to.

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