From the Writing Desk Of: Felicity Fenton

Pictured: I don’t always write in the same place. Sometimes I write on the couch, other times I write at the kitchen table, or at my standup desk made from the scraps of an old TV dinner tray. Lately, maybe because it’s getting darker and chillier out, I’ve been writing from bed. This bed is a beast of comfort and refuge. I go here when the sun settles down, after a long working day, after concocting dinner, after folding laundry, after impromptu dance parties with my kiddo a

From the Writing Desk of: Tasha Coryell

1. I’ve been aspiring to write at this desk since I was five years old. Sometimes I think about getting a new desk, a grown-up desk, and then I look at desks online and realize that most grown-up desks have no drawers in which to put my markers and the various items that I have acquired in the twenty-five years I have owned this desk. I realize too that looking at desks is just another form of procrastination and a different desk is unlikely to help me write more or better.

From the Writing Desk of: Ruth Williams

Pictured My desk is a style I've been using since I bought my first IKEA corner desk circa 2006. A corner desk is simultaneously expansive and comfortingly bordered, tucked as it is between two walls. In a way, I suppose a corner desk sections off your writing space in a way that makes an office out of the corner of any old room, a bonus if you've lived in 1 bedroom apartments most of your adult life. Still, I often wonder what it says about me psychologically that I prefer t

From the Writing Desk Of: Tabitha Blankenbiller

1. In early 2013, my husband Matt’s company transferred his job from our home outside of Portland, Oregon to Tucson, Arizona. I had only been in the state once, as a stop on a family road trip when I was in high school. We didn’t know anyone and I found myself struggling with what to do with myself. I wrote, a lot. More than I’m writing now, which was a good thing. I flirted with steampunk lifestyle choices, which didn’t work out because I couldn’t suspend my disbelief and cl

From the Writing Desk of: Dave Housley

Pictured: 1. My laptop, an Acer Chromebook that had the best keyboard in Best Buy on the day my cat broke my old laptop (see number 3, not pictured list below). I learned how to type on a typewriter (I am old) and I am very good at typing (as opposed to writing), but tend to clack my way through keyboards in a few years. 2. Iced green tea. 3. Veggie chili. I subscribe to a very basic reward system when I am writing, which goes something like this: hey you’re actually out o

From the Writing Desk of: Erin Dorney

I see a lot of good things out this window. Juicy plants only: Crassula ovata (jade) & Sedum morganianum (donkey's tail). These tissues have over 400 reviews? I can’t believe I made this. PREBEN. Have you ever held a hexagonal pen? They’re the best! *** Erin Dorney's book I Am Not Famous Anymore is available for preorder now from Mason Jar Press. Visit for more. #FromtheWritingDeskOf

From the Writing Desk of...Dorothy Chan

Pictured 1. My laptop, where all the magic happens. 2. A framed photo of (a part of) my poetry family: Alberto Ríos, Jeannine Savard, and of course, my poetry dad, Norman Dubie. Norman's collection, The Mercy Seat: Collected and New Poems is my everything. 3. Barbara Hamby's new book, Bird Odyssey. It's such a gorgeous collection, and I'm obsessed with her poem, "Ode to Sirin, the Bird Goddess of The Siberian Milky Way." You know a poem's a winner when it starts with "What w

From the Writing Desk of...Josh Denslow

PICTURED 1. The standing desk I created from two IKEA bookshelves and an IKEA kitchen tabletop. 2. The ergonomic keyboard and mouse that make me the butt of quite a few of my wife's jokes. 3. A bookshelf turned on its side that serves as a monitor stand and an additional place to shove books. It currently contains research books for my new novel and a bunch of novels I wish I was reading right now. 4. A Futurama poster along with a rotating cast of Futurama characters rand

From the Writing Desk of...Gayle Brandeis

Pictured 1. My beloved metal tanker desk chair. A neighbor gave me the chair and ginormous matching desk for free about 20 years (and seven houses) ago—the only part I paid for was reupholstering the chair in purple velvet. Most of my books were written at that desk. When we bought this cabin in Tahoe last year, the desk wouldn’t fit up the spiral staircase, so I regrettably had to sell it, but I held on to the chair for dear life. I used the dining table as my desk for a whi

From the Writing Desk of: Shea Stripling

Pictured Flashing pink heart-shaped glasses: Acquired when I participated in the lie that it was my birthday at a Japanese steakhouse in New Jersey. Always on hand for moments of deep self reflection. Stack of small book arts projects including a flag book that folds out to a full picture of Bill Murray in Buddhist monk robes from the movie The Razor’s Edge. If you press a button on the inside, it will play thirty seconds of that movie’s score. Urban Decay Lipstick in “Cream.

From the Writing Desk Of: Leesa Cross-Smith

Pictured: 1. Our cat, Mindy. But we call her Mimi. She loves sleeping and warm things. I do most of my writing on my made-up bed. 2. My newish MacBook with Badlands + Blue Ridge Parkway stickers. My old one broke prettymuch at exactly the same time I sold my novel. Life, right? 3. A California mug of rooibos tea. I drink a lot of rooibos tea and I love California. 4. The current manuscript I'm working on. 5. An ARC of my debut novel Whiskey & Ribbons because I like looking at

From the Writing Desk Of: Alina Stefanescu

The futon that serves as my writing space most days. Including the massive pillow I bought when I was living in a DC slum-lord owned low-rent housing apparatus that bears such beautiful memories. My Macbook air, where things get typed, submitted, the formal gestures. My current notebook covered in stickers from lit mags at AWP. The only pen I use to write, Uni-ball Vision Needle Rollerball Pens in 0.5mm Micro Point, black ink. Only black. I love black. An old book of poems by

From the Writing Desk Of: Kristen Arnett

1 - This is my dog, Lola. If she's not in the chair when I am writing, she's underneath it. Or beside it. Or sleeping on the floor behind it. Or trying to get access to my lap by climbing on a nearby stool. 99% of my writing gets done with my dog crawling all over me. 2 - The Golden Owl is a piece I acquired from an artist friend after he decided he was moving from Orlando to New York and needed to liquidate his studio. The owl stares down at me and judges me harshly when I

From the Writing Desk Of: Matthew Sirois

It's no surprise that the Split Lip FAM is a talented, well-published bunch. As more and more of the FAM comes out with books, we want to celebrate and spread the word about their achievements. In this spirit, From the Writing Desk Of was born. Today we visit the writing desk of Matthew Sirois, whose memoir pieces "Brad Beckett: A Eulogy" and "On Saying Goodbye" appeared in our 2016 special memoir issue and 2017 FAM issue, respectively. His novel Near Haven will be published