Editor's Note


Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice, Editor-in-Chief





Lately I've been prone to rage-tweeting whenever something awful happens. The problem with rage-tweeting is rage-tweeting feels about as good as binge-eating a family-size bucket of Twizzlers and then running a marathon. 


I've never run a marathon, but I imagine Twizzler buckets are not a recommend part of race prep. 


It's easy to to be cynical about Americans coming together after tragedy, but why be cynical about something you can see with your own eyes? This month it's hurricanes. Next month who knows. 


In the spirit of togetherness, however cheesy that may be, I'm challenging myself to only happy-tweeting this month. I drew inspiration for this challenge from Leah Sophia Dworkin, our featured artist for September. Her work is a reminder: our opinions may differ, but our hearts all serve the same biological purpose. 


At Split Lip, we're lucky to have a lot to happy-tweet about this month. with exceptional work from Brett Stuckel, Marcelle Heath, Dylan Loring, and Robert James Russell. Plus, a review of Companions by Christina Hesselholdt


In the spirit of coming together, 50% of proceeds from all Tip Jar/Expedited submissions received in September will be donated to hurricane relief in both Texas and Florida.


Oh, and our Flash Contest is still going strong! Deadline extended through 9/30 means there's no excuse. Nothing will induce happy tweets more than a killer playlist and some good old fashioned writing time.