Letter to My Red Gun-Dog America

Hannah Craig

all you said was good cooking beautiful all you ate

the beans shaped like pearls & the pineapple sliced

half-frozen & the egg yolks you touched 

with the firm moonscape of your bread

you were in this town in the rain, in the funeral

sense of the town, & wore your only

black suit, its gathers & tucks & hemming

some new cloth to wrap your heart in, to hold

the ichor & iron of your bones

& the cars came like crows, gathering speed

falling over themselves in the road

to get to the meat

to get to the kill



Hannah Craig lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the author of This History that Just Happened (Parlor Press, 2017). Her work has recently appeared in journals like the Mid-American Review, North American Review, and Copper Nickel. She was the winner of the 2015 New Measure Poetry Prize and the 2016 Mississippi Review Poetry Prize.