Two Poems + Audio

Elysia Smith

​​​The Affair


An economy of touches,

your hand, my hand

your hair, my hand

your swallowing throat,

my lips but no further.


Let me be tantalized

by your roundness

eclipsing the sun.

Let me undress

in the expanse of your light.


Turn your smile

as always for we are modest

in this place of imitation—

freedom like a ship


twice tethered that still

forgets itself in the wind





I can’t remember a time

where I didn’t cry at the sound

of returning birds, dark as a mouth

against the sky.


It is then:


that something changes impossibly

in the cogs of my body.


I hear my name & I say

take a message.


I know my slip is showing

somewhere between the lines

of this poem


& I don’t care.


I know the blooming of this year

will prove unremarkable. Yet,


I abandon the raft of winter

to swim through a torrent of flowers

whose color is no louder

than beige.


The shape of fear, of safety in static

no longer seeks home in the hollow

of my throat.

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About The Writer

Elysia Smith Split Lip Magazine

​​Elysia Smith is a writer, poet and lover of kittnes. She recently earned her B.A. in creative writing from Ball State University and will be leaving town in late summer 2013 to continue her studies at U-Mass, where she will work for her M.F.A in creative writing.