Jenna Sedlack

Art of the Month

Jenna Sedlack's practice explores the visual and psychological play between the inherent complexities of fabricated structures and the interaction of lines, tension, and the newly constructed resulting space. Sedlack holds a BFA degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and currently remains in the city working as a designer and exploring trends in color. Altering the agency of mass-produced objects; she warps the purpose of structures, stripping them of all ability to function as originally intended. Sedlack's paintings question the feasibility of physical engagement, while the references to common objects invite accessibility to a space of inaccessibility. She skews and limits the indicated use of structures thus altering their resulting behavior within constructed environments. Not only a painter, her sculptural work further describes the nuanced teetering between accessibility and inaccessibility and enhances the logistical impossibilities found in invented counter-intuitive relationships.