Müesser Yeniay was born in İzmir. Her recent books include Before Me There Were Deserts (2014), Modern Readings in Turkish Literature (2016), and Permanent Talk with the Beloved (2017).  She has translated the poetry of Ronny Someck, Attila F. Balazs, and Vietnamese poets Mai Van Phan and Nguyễn Quang Thiều. Her poetry books have been translated and published in the US, Hungary, France, India, Colombia, Spain, and Vietnam. She is the editor of the literature magazine Şiirden (of Poetry). She is currently pursuing a PhD in Turkish literature at Bilkent University, Ankara.



Müesser Yeniay




Silence becomes word

drop by drop


I am a woman, a poet

in this nothingness

that batters my body


egg that leaves my womb

every month

has a legend

in my body


it has a trace


my womenhood

my Achilles toe


my dog that barks every month


                              a man can't be a poet

                              a man can be a pen for a poet