Garrison Starr on Songwriting

Exclusive Video Chat from a World-Class Songwriter

Split Lip Magazine is honored to feature a candid telling about songwriting by Garrison Starr. Her ideas can benefit both songwriters and literary writers, especially poets. She covers ideas such as making appointments with other writers to collaborate, which pushes her to write when she’s not feeling the inspiration we writers all long for. Along with finding ways to maintain steady output, she looks for opportunities to challenge and stretch herself as a writer and mentions the idea of writing for other artists, which she does a lot of. The video focuses on her latest single, “Amateur,” as an example when discussing the writing and revision process. She wraps up her chat with an acoustic performance of the song and it’s lovely.

I could praise Garrison all day long, but the opinion below probably holds more authority than my own.

"Garrison Starr doesn't live and breathe for the hit parade, she doesn't play fashion doll, she just writes and sings her heart out. In the American Idolized landscape that constitutes today's music business, she is someone to be thankful for." Mary Chapin Carpenter