Love is Not All​

Courtney Angermeier

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About the Writer
Courtney Angermeier Split Lip Magazine

When Courtney J Angermeier's dream of being an all-pro jackalope wrangler was cut tragically short by a brutal trampling incident in her twenties, she turned to art. She received a BFA from Cooper Union in New York City where she majored in macrame and minored in social ineptitude.  After becoming disillusioned with the art world, she ran off to Brazil where she learned how to say "pineapple" "bus station" and "Yes, my country is very oppressive to yours" in Portuguese.  After returning to New Mexico, she accidentally got a Master's degree in education and now teaches English, history, and comic book production at a charter high school.  She is a doctoral student in language, literacy, and sociocultural studies and is working on an interminable book project titled Peoplings online at: