Editor's Note

Amanda Miska, Editor-in-Chief

Everything I wrote last month still stands. And this is just a short note of gratitude at the end of a long, often painful year. Thank you for sending your work, for reading the work we publish, for promoting the work you love, for being light, wherever you are. 


This time of year can be hard. Holidays and darkness and cold and anxiety about what will come in 2017. I am choosing to be hopeful--it's a choice I have to make daily, because it's not my natural inclination. I am choosing to keep writing and publishing writing because I think Art matters and can change the world. It's not the only thing, but it's one thing. I am choosing to get out of bed every morning and try, which is all we can really ask of anyone.


Be kind to each other and yourselves. This is as important to me as good words: making every attempt to be a good person and elevating the people around you.


Happy early new year and much love to you all.