Editor's Note


Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice, Editor-in-Chief









For our last issue of 2018, I write to you from a place of darkness here in America. As one tragedy fades into another, we rarely have time to process the magnitude of what's happening. In California, deadly wildfires continue to burn, and science confirms what most of us already know: wildfires are stronger and deadlier due to climate change. When our government refuses to acknowledge this as one of the greatest threats to humankind we're likely to experience, it's easy to be sucked into hopelessness. 


But even in moments of all-encompassing grief and fear, I'm continually surprised by what manages to flourish. 2018 was an exhilarating year for Split Lip. We put out our first print issue, grew our staff, received recognition from Best Small Fictions, raised money to support organizations doing important work at the border, just to name a few. We also had the privilege of publishing unique, voice-driven work by a group of writers and artists I feel lucky to know. And I count my fellow editors among my closest friends.


All of this serves as a much-needed reminder to me of how vital community can be. When humans feel love and support, they are often better suited to do the difficult work of being alive in times like these. 


This month's issue is one of joyful surprises. We're pleased to feature a perfect pairing of Jakob Guanzon's "Repent, Macho Man Randy Savage" with Tyler Dunning's "Learning How to Fall," wrestling-themed pieces that wowed us with their originality and humanity. Justin Jannise and Helen McClory explore love and grief in ways you won't see coming. Gabrielle Spear talks with Claire Schwartz about language and faith, a conversation that couldn't be more fitting as we enter into the 2018 holiday season. And Ashley Carlson's "The wanderer" digs into the surreal imagery and isolation of rural America. 


In December we'll be taking a break to focus on the year ahead, and we'll be thinking of (and thanking) all of you for being part of this place we call home.


With love and hope for a more peaceful 2019,