Issue 11: Elizabeth Schowachert

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About The Artist

Elizabeth Schowachert is an abstract artist who works primarily with encaustic medium, a term adapted from enkaustikos, Greek for to "burn in." Encaustic painting involves a layering process, where each layer is heated to fuse with its precedent layer, which makes for an illusive sense of depth as the layers build up upon each other. Encaustic medium is primarily made from beeswax. Damar resin, a crystallized sap extracted from fir trees, is added to the wax to provide hardness while the wax provides luminosity. Schowachert's painting style lends itself well to the encaustic medium/process as her paintings result in an organic feel, depicting in a visual manner, the artist's deep appreciation of nature and the ocean. You can find out more about the artist by visiting: