Editor's Note



Dear Reader,


Our main job here at Split Lip is to discover new voices, and this month I believe we deliver. After reading almost 1,000 new submissions each month, we often find ourselves debating what makes writing work. Many submissions are nearly there—great concept, voice or plotting, but lack that extra ingredient. What is that ingredient exactly? Not sure. Unfortunately it's hard to quantify and there's no recipe. It's a dash of salt, a bit more pepper. It's whatever makes the writing unqiue to the author.


Everyday we look to nurture new voices. When you're a writer used to hearing no, the difference between a rejection and an acceptance is huge. It can be the difference between writing and not writing. As an editor, I feel this responsibility, and as a writer, I understand the power of a single yes. 


This month we're kicking off our summer of Split Lip, and we're celebrating the writers who are innovating and experimenting, the writers doing their own thing even as the world continues to say no.  It's a privilege to present them to you here.